• luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool
  • luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool
  • luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool
  • luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool

croft at loggie

Torran is set on a working croft (a small farm) at Loggie, on the shores of Lochbroom, where we have a few pedigree luing cattle, north country cheviot ewes, 4 working border collies, and free range hens which provide lovely fresh eggs for breakfast.
Feel free to take a walk around the croft which leads down to the shore.

north country cheviot

luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool

The North Country Cheviot is a breed that has been used in Scotland for several centuries. They are strong willed, vigorous and very hardy in harsh weather and rough pasture. The ewes have superb mothering instincts and deliver lambs easily.

north country cheviot society

luing cattle

luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool

Luing cattle are bred for their ability to happily outwinter in all weathers. Very docile with good mothering abilities. Good foraging ability on the hill which requires less supplementary feeding.

luing cattle society

border collies

luxury 4 star accommodation ullapool

Our 4 working border collies, Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan are extremely friendly, and love to play with the guests.

international sheepdog society


to see

Ullapool, 20 mins drive from Loggie, is a picturesque village with the harbour at the heart of its activities. You can watch the boats unload their daily catch. Ferries run twice daily to Isle of Lewis.

to do

There is plenty to do, whether it be a day trip around the coast, a 2 or 4 hour cruise on the Summer Queen to see our sealife, visit Ullapool museum, or take a walk up ullapool hill, you wont be bored.

to eat

Ullapool has a lovely range of pub/restaurants serving quality highland produce. Several specialise in serving local seafood. Ullapool fish and chips are famous all over the world.

to enjoy

Relax and enjoy our stunning scenery and highland way of life which attracts many people to settle in this area. We can't guarantee the weather, but we get our fair share of superb fine weather.

enjoy our stunning scenery